Network Leads


Dr Alan Godfrey

Northumbria University (N. East)

Alan's Major research is in algorithms for data science and analytics in healthcare. This includes areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining and multidimensional signal processing.


Dr Sam Stuart

Northumbria University (N. East)

Sam's overall research goal is to improve mobility and functional capabilities through understanding the relationships between sensory, cognitive, gait and balance features in those with neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease or mild traumatic brain injury.


Dr Liz Williams

Swansea University (Wales)

Helping elite rugby manage head impacts to prevent long term brain injury & educating the future of Welsh movement science in applied biomechanics, stats and various other things. Empowering people through knowledge and skills development, future-proofing our graduates.

Our Locations

Our network includes academics from numerous universties across the country.

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